Like everyone in the field of art, Sorbus collective seeks balance between art, work, and life. The collective resides in the rough and hip area of the Finnish capital. Our neighbors provide Thai massage and sell falafels for 10 €. We can barely afford it. We feel uncool, old and burnt out. We are the rebel youth. This is our dream job, but do we know how to handle it?

In order to write ourselves out of this vicious loop, we are now adding a missing chapter to the story by realizing a new video work. This attempt to transcend the aforementioned trivial conditions of work, identity, gentrification, and capitalism happens in collaboration with AQNB productions through Mobius fellowship program, organized by the Finnish Institute in London.

But the Mobius strip is a surface with only one side and only one boundary – if an ant were to crawl along the full length of the Mobius strip, it would return to its starting point having traversed both sides without ever crossing an edge. ∞ 🐜


Appearances by Sorbus collective

Wine made from Vaasankatu’s rowan berries, aged since 2016
Presented at Sorbus support week Gentle But Determined in 2018
Brewed in Sour Grapes in 2016


Fucked Up in a Bad Way
34 minute video work and varying installation, 2016


Kun sun kanssas rakastelen, coolit vibat ravistaa mua (When I make love to you cool vibes shake me)
Performance at H2Ö music festival, Turku, 2015.


The Sorbus Group Show
Exhibition at Titanik gallery, Turku, 2015


* * *





De wereld van nee, Metropolis M, 17.04.2018

Kahden roolin kollektiiviFramen uutiskirje, Anna Pöppönen, 19.12.2017